- Mobile Oblique and Bucolic
26. august - 26. august
Oplev et forrygende akrobatisk og musikalsk luftshow, når franske Compagnie Transe Express gæster Aalborg. MOB vil få hjerter til at slå til rytmen af bionik og få sjæle til at summe, når de tager os med til en luksuriøs verden af botanik og planter deres trommetræ midt i byen. Den spektakulære forestilling kan både opleves om eftermiddagen og om aftenen. Vi starter med en parade ved Honnørkajen kl. 15.30 eller 21.00. Bare mød op!

International text:

The organic world reveals an unsuspected diversity. It secretly holds the keys of our planet's future. Plants, without a sound, a cry, or a gesture, when not plastic ones, are relegated to the row of decoration by the stressed animals that we are. But relax, a gang of botanics obsessed drummers have decided to give voice and movement to their beloved plants. They will make hearts beat to the rhythm of bionic, souls buzz and plant their drum tree in the middle of the city, M.O.B, Mobile Oblique and Bucolic. M.O.B is an evolutive organic mobile, it's shape and structure unfolding in the air. The bet is to take the audience on board into the luxurious world of botanics…


In the beginning there is only earth

Asleep in a seed I am buried deep in the ground

It's the water that triggers everything

Draws the essence from the humus of the soil

Breaks the seed and sprouts the shoot


The sap rises

Irrigates my veins

Pushing to the tips of my petioles

And hoists me far from the soil

The sap rises

Bursting forth the glistening buds

And unfurls my leaves


The Petals open

Creased like the cheeks of babies

The flowerhead blooms

The stamens are ready

To be robbed by the wind

Or the brush of a bee

And scatter their precious pollen


Go, Rise sap

Hoist me

Hoist me towards the sun

Make me strong

Make me a tree

To unfurl my arms

To invade the blue


MOB // 26. august - 26. august
Dato Tid Sal Varighed Pris
26.8 15.30 Honnørkajen Ca. 1 time - mødested Honnørkajen 0 kr. Ingen billet - Bare mød op
26.8 21.00 Honnørkajen Ca. 1 time - mødested Honnørkajen 0 kr. Ingen billet - Bare mød op


Skråen, Teater Nordkraft

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Ca. 1 time - mødested Honnørkajen


Gratis for alle - bare mød op!
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